Boeing receives additional aircraft orders ahead of the Paris Air Show, but 787 issues linger.

Boeing delivered 50 planes to clients this month, up from 35 in April, but it is still trailing competitor Airbus in deliveries this year as the Paris Air Show approaches.

Eight 787 Dreamliners were delivered. Boeing announced last week that a new production defect, the second this year, will delay near-term delivery of wide-body planes, which are in high demand owing to an increase in international travel.

Boeing has delivered 206 planes so far this year, trailing Airbus’ 244 in the first five months of the year.

Both Boeing and Airbus have declared intentions to expand production of new planes in response to the Covid epidemic.

Boeing, situated in Arlington, Virginia, announced 69 gross orders in May, up from 34 in April. Despite 11 cancellations, it sold 58 planes, the majority of which were 737 Max airplanes.

The Paris Air Show begins Monday, when Boeing, Airbus, and other aerospace makers will meet with clients and perhaps announce further new orders in the event’s first in-person version since before the epidemic.

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