America’s top banker, Jamie Dimon, has ‘no ambitions’ to run for government.

According to a statement issued by JPMorgan Chase on Monday, CEO Jamie Dimon has “no plans” to run for politics.

Speculation regarding Dimon’s political future erupts from time to time. The CEO is well-regarded in business circles for his leadership of JPMorgan, which he transformed into the largest and most lucrative bank in the United States.

Last Monday, hedge fund investor Bill Ackman that Dimon run for president in the 2024 elections. Dimon recently stated in an interview that he would like to one day serve his nation “in some capacity or another.”

“As he has stated in the past, Jamie has no plans to run for office,” the bank said in a statement released Monday. “He’s very happy in his current role.”

Nonetheless, Dimon, who took over at JPMorgan in 2005, has occasionally added to the suspicion. Dimon indicated during an investor conference in 2018 that he may run against then-President Donald Trump. He instantly apologized for his remarks.

Dimon has pushed his organization in new directions in recent years, aiming to address some of the country’s most difficult concerns, such as health care, economic inequity, and urban blight.

However, his lengthy stay has raised concerns about the bank’s succession plans in New York.

An analyst asked Dimon how many more years he intended to serve as CEO during the firm’s annual investor day last month. The concern arose when Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman proposed an orderly succession plan that would take place this year.

Dimon did not explicitly respond to the question.

“I know I can’t do this forever,” he said. “However, my intensity remains constant. “I think I should leave when I don’t have that kind of intensity.”

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