One of Steve Jobs’ greatest “innovation” strategies is shared by Apple CEO Tim Cook: “One of the things I loved about him” is what it is.

Tim Cook has worked hard to establish his own legacy as Apple’s CEO, but he still values Steve Jobs’ management approach.

When I took over as CEO, I realized I couldn’t be Steve, Cook, 62, told GQ on Monday. “I doubt anyone could possibly be Steve. In my opinion, he was an exceptional person who was an absolute original once every hundred years. I needed to strive to be the best version of myself.

But that doesn’t mean Cook couldn’t learn a few management techniques from Jobs. Cook emphasized that he particularly loved the way Jobs held all employees at Apple to the same level of innovation and boundary-pushing, regardless of whether they were in engineering, marketing, or any other department.

He didn’t demand creativity or invention from a single group within the organization, which Cook found to be one of his best qualities. He anticipated it throughout the entire firm.

Cook had personal experience with it. He oversaw the company’s global sales and operations as Apple’s chief operating officer before taking the helm as CEO in 2011. And he was expected to be creative in that capacity.

In order to handle operations, Cook remarked, “We tried to be innovative and creative in operations, just like we were creative elsewhere.” In order to develop the goods we were envisioning, we essentially had to be.

The idea assisted Cook in overcoming critics who claimed he wasn’t a “product guy” enough to succeed Jobs once he was named CEO.

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Apple has developed into a multitrillion-dollar corporation under his direction. Cook oversaw the introduction of the Apple Watch, AirPods, and the M1 processor, a cutting-edge semiconductor that is now present in the majority of the company’s most recent products.

Apple has increased the number of services it offers, most notably Apple TV+, a platform for streaming media that requires a subscription.

Cook remarked at Vox Media’s 2022 Code Conference in Los Angeles that he couldn’t have led any of those efforts without first learning from Jobs: “He was the best teacher I ever had, by far. Not just myself, but a large number of staff members [at Apple] continue to practice those teachings.

According to the Apple CEO, who spoke to GQ, several of Jobs’ earlier customs still exist today, such as Monday meetings at 9 a.m. However, he clarified, it’s not out of nostalgia.

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We don’t actually look back in history that much, according to Cook. We strive to feel like we’re at a point in time when we can really dream big and have great ideas without being in any way restricted by the past. We are constantly focused on the future.

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