After a weeks-long halt, the FAA has cleared Boeing to resume 787 Dreamliner deliveries.


The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday that Boeing can begin deliveries of its 787 Dreamliners as early as next week, following a data-analysis issue that prevented deliveries of the wide-body jetliners.

“Boeing addressed the FAA’s concerns,” according to a statement from the agency. “The FAA could resume awarding airworthiness certificates as early as next week.”

Boeing announced early Friday that it has completed the work required to resume jet deliveries to airlines and other customers.

“We have done the appropriate analysis that verifies the airplane continues to meet all applicable requirements and does not require production or fleet action,” according to a Boeing representative. “The FAA will determine when 787 ticketing and deliveries restart, and we are coordinating delivery dates with our customers.”

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Boeing shares surged about 1% on the announcement that the problem had been rectified, finishing the trading session nearly 1% higher.

Boeing halted deliveries of the planes on February 23 after a data-analysis issue linked to the aircraft’s forward pressure bulkhead was discovered.

That was the latest in a series of delivery halts for the planes: a series of manufacturing faults on the twin-aisle planes led Boeing to halt deliveries for much of the two years preceding up to last August.

Employees of Silicon Valley Bank earned bonuses just hours before the government took over.

Customers of the Dreamliner include major airlines such as American Airlines. The planes would be turned over just as airlines prepare for a lucrative spring and summer travel season when they generate the majority of their revenue.

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