Regarding “false” court papers in a fraud lawsuit, the New York AG will pursue sanctions against Trump and his attorneys.

In a $250 million fraud case that is currently pending, the New York attorney general’s office said on Tuesday that it will ask a judge to impose sanctions on former president Donald Trump and his lawyers for “falsely” denying facts they previously admitted and other issues related to his most recent court filing.

Additionally, the legal team for Attorney General Letitia James intends to petition Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron to issue a number of decisions that would limit Trump’s ability to challenge her civil action.

The demands were made public almost two weeks after a Florida federal judge fined Donald Trump and his attorney Alina Habba nearly $1 million for bringing what the judge deemed to be a “frivolous” lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and others.

A letter from one of the attorney general’s attorneys to Engoron revealed James’ plan, which was the subject of a comment request from Habba, but Habba did not answer right away.

James is bringing legal action against Trump, the Trump Organization, three of his adult children — Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, and Donald Trump Jr. — as well as other parties for what she claims to be a widespread fraud involving falsified financial statements and incorrect real estate asset valuation. The accusation is refuted by the defendants.

In a court brief submitted last week in response to the complaint, Trump and the other defendants claimed to have verified replies to the claims.

James’ attorney informed Engoron on Tuesday that “each of the Verified Answers is inadequate in a variety of ways.”

In a letter to the AG’s Office’s Division of Economic Justice, Kevin Wallace, senior enforcement counsel, said that the defendants “falsely dispute facts they have accepted in earlier cases.”

In his article, Wallace stated that “they deny information sufficient to react to factual claims that are manifestly within their understanding.”

Additionally, “they advance affirmative defenses that this Court has frequently dismissed as frivolous and without merit,” he continued.

Wallace claimed that the attorney general’s office intended to submit a motion asking Engoron to do a number of things that would undermine Trump’s legal case. One would be the court’s assumption that Trump and his co-defendants had truthfully conceded the accusations that they had incorrectly denied.

Wallace’s letter states that James will also request that Engoron “sanction defendants and their lawyers.”

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A “cursory analysis” of the verified responses, according to the letter, reveals “that a number of the denials are patently false and actually contradict sworn declarations by the Defendants in earlier courts.”

Wallace cited the denial made by the Trump defendants in James’ lawsuit that Donald Trump continued to serve as the inactive president of the Trump Organization while in the White House.

However, Wallace said that the claim that Mr. Trump was the “inactive president of the Trump Organization” while in office was obtained “straight from his own sworn evidence in Galicia v. Trump on October 18, 2021.” In reality, Mr. Trump’s own words are used in “James'” lawsuit.

Wallace claimed that despite the Trump firm having previously acknowledged doing so in court, Eric Trump in the verified replies disputed that Seven Springs LLC, which is controlled by the Trump company, purchased a property in Westchester County, New York, for $7.5 million in 1995.

Engoron “had already warned Defendants and their counsel for their persistent invocation of meritless legal claims but exercised its discretion in not imposing such punishments, “having made its point,” the attorney added.

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Wallace continued, “It doesn’t seem like this argument was accepted, though, and [Office of the Attorney General] would ask the Court to revisit the matter.”

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